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Inspirean's Event Volunteer Staff Application

Thanks for your interest in contributing as a volunteer staff member at our next event!

Staffing is a privilege and also an opportunity to take your leadership to the next level. When you apply to be a volunteer staff member, you'll have the opportunity to use the tools and techniques you've learned in a variety of ways.

Applying the tools and techniques of the class(es) is key as a staff member as we want to set an example for the students and create a space of growth and forward movement for them.

Please fill the Volunteer Staff Form out completely and as thoroughly as possible so we can ensure proper preparation. Any incomplete applications may cause your application to have a delay in response or possibly be declined.

Staff is chosen based on a myriad of different criteria so please know that if you aren't chosen for the event you are applying for, please continue to apply/inquire in the future for volunteer staff opportunities.

Once we have chosen staff, we will send out further information so you can book your travel for the event. Typically, the staff will fly in the day prior to an event to prepare for the arrival of students the following day. For advanced classes, it could be up to two days prior to class arriving that we have staff arrive.

It's recommended to communicate with us prior to booking any arrangements should you have any questions to avoid any need to rebook travel.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our next live event!


Volunteer Staff Application:

NOTE: Applicants must have attended the next course that follows the event that they are applying to staff.